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Meet Us

We are a professional and passionate team


Luis Cabrera

Excecutive Chef

and Besos Latinos Owner

Mexican born Chef Luis Cabrera started his Chef career in México City. Travel around the world working as a Chef, he had won different culinary awards including a Silver medal in the prestigious Culinary Olympics in Germany. Chef Cabrera was also part of the Italian Chef Federation in Italy. He worked in the best Cooking Schools in México City as a Chef Tutor and cooked in galas, culinary events, demonstrations and recently cooked for Barack Obama on his last visit to Auckland. 

Find Luis Cabrera at Besos Latinos Halsey Street where he personally welcome his customers.


Cecilia Lara

Besos Latino Restaurant


Mexican born Cecilia Lara came in 2009 always a foodie and businesswoman create and develop an idea of bringing to New Zealand a Latin American Gourmet Food under the category of Ethnic premium and casual restaurant. Traveling around South America and his homeland México she got inspired on the restaurants around Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Perú and México where people can enjoy in a friendly and casual atmosphere a good wine, beer or cocktail and had a fantastic gourmet experience. She is also one of the creator of the NPH Latin American Market an annual charity event that race money for abandoned kids 9 countries in Latin America and involves the Latin American Community living in Auckland New Zealand.

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